Digital marketing in the age of video


Video marketing has become a driving force in the world of digital advertising. Recent studies have shown that 92 per cent of customer prospects consume online video, and that one third of shoppers will purchase a product after watching the video ad. Using video as a part of your marketing strategy can help you reach and educate audiences faster than traditional marketing tactics. See our recommendations below to ensure you are using video in the best way possible:

  • Analytics are your best friend. Use the data you collect from your web and social analytics to ensure you are targeting audiences that are most likely to engage with your content. Facebook also offers the option to re-target users who have watched a certain percentage of your video content. This is a great reminder for those who were intrigued by your concept, but perhaps didn't have the time or weren't quite convinced to convert into a sale. 
  • Mobile users are watching video more and more. If you interact with the majority of your audience via mobile, consider creating vertical-oriented video that fills the screen of the average smartphone (as opposed to landscape, which appears best on a desktop). In addition, consider adding closed captioning for those who aren't able to listen to a video with full sound. This is great for late night shoppers. 
  • Search engines love to promote video. These companies put a priority on video content, pushing you higher up in the rankings if you are consistently embedding your video content on social media, blogs and your website. 
  • Videography can tell a story. In just a few seconds, a video can show why a product or service is relevant, unique and necessary to purchase. Some of the most effective communication techniques can be incorporated into a video story line, plus it offers the visual component that will stick in a users mind as they continue on their purchasing journey. 

Do you have questions about how to integrate video into your digital marketing strategy? Or, are you looking to start creating your own content videos? Reach out to us today for a no-charge consultation.